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Hello! You probably want the QuakeCapture project instead!

the Rabbit Run machinima engine project

the Rabbit Run is a piece of machinima currently in production by the machinima oriented part of Quake done Quick. We are making modifications to the Quake1 engine so as to enable particular audio and video effects in the resulting playback engine.

We aren't actively recruiting developers, but we are always open to new people, so if you'd like to get involved, please do write to us at

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2002.12.05 Thursday

Because my day-job was quiet for a little time, more stuff got done. Don't expect anything more for a few months!


2002.11.27 Wednesday

AVI capture changes:


2002.09.02 Monday

Removed MP3-decoding from the head revision. It is incompatible with the Gnu General Public License. Will implement an Ogg replacement instead. (Note that some broken AVI audio output will have been committed at the same time - no harm, this output now just has wrong audio rather than no audio. Again, hope to fix soon - and possibly change way we use AVI-writing code too, since it now occurs to me that statically linking against vfw32.lib may also be contrary to GPL.) --Anthony

2002.06.03 Monday

Implemented screen-space sprites as planned. They can be moved and rotated in x and y, scaled, and use alpha. The engine will interpolate these values between demo frames in the usual way. --Anthony

2002.04.24 Wednesday

Latest release trr22 of exe has console commands to fast forward or rewind playback of a demo by the given number of seconds. This is another generic feature useful outside of tRR. I would like to look at doing a mouse-driven VCR-like GUI for it if possible, but I'll probably look at screen-space sprites first. --Anthony

2002.04.23 Tuesday

Latest release trr21 of exe and game data dir allows the stopwatch time to be displayed on a wallclock model. --Anthony

2002.04.17 Wednesday

Will has CVS access now. He'll be looking at finishing the matrix coding first.

I've been trying to do some features so that Strange Company can make some use of the engine in helping us. Latest release trr20 should be suitable for use in batch conversion of DEM to AVI, and doesn't require the tRR-specific data. In principle anyone could use it for this task if they read the ChangeLog notes on use. --Anthony

2002.03.08 Friday

Just in case people start looking at this page again, I better mention that the latest thing to go in is AVI output. --Anthony

2001.08.14 Tuesday

There have been several engine versions since the last update, covering:

We also agreed we wouldn't be supporting non-GL for movie playback. This is reflected in there being no WinQuake.exe in the latest release (v16 above.) --Anthony

2001.05.29 Tuesday

Updated quick links above to use viewcvs.cgi.

2000.09.19 Tuesday

Implemented a shortcut name for single-color extra skins.

2000.09.14 Thursday

Three commits since last update, covering the following:

Details in change log as usual. In particular, the engine now relies on some non-id files in the game directory, which are held in the CVS repository, and provided in any release zip - such as the one I just made. Unzip the whole thing into your main Quake directory and run with -game trr. --Anthony

2000.08.01 Tuesday

Added infrastructure for and basic display of George's stopwatch. - Anthony

2000.07.27 Friday

I added the ability to cache and convert MP3 sounds (and then play the resulting WAVs in the normal fashion) a few weeks ago and uploaded new binaries.

I experimented with animation lerping, but the standard fixes don't work for demo playback. WarKosign has had an idea how to do it and has been registered as a project developer. Will Marsh is also working on some Matrix and other rendering effects. Perhaps we will see commits from people other than me soon, then?

Today I implemented the loading of separate PCX files as replacement or extra skins for existing models. - Anthony

2000.06.06 Wednesday

After some time away from the repository, I've managed to check in a version with the ability to output 22KHz sound and to cope with various timescale and time sync tricks. Uploaded some new binaries too. - Anthony

2000.02.07 Monday

Checked in the simple sound engine extensions for ATTN_LEFT, ATTN_RIGHT and ATTN_DYNAMIC, as previouslt prototyped on [qdqlite]. - Anthony

2000.02.02 Wednesday

I had to struggle quite a bit to get SSH and WinCVS to play together nicely, but I'm finally there. I imported the original codebase, and then committed the first real version for us to work from, trr1. This basically removes the useless QW files, implements a simple versioning system, and updates the MSVC project settings.

We also now have a change log etc. in the CVS module. Anyone can get access to this via the web-based CVS front-end; see the quick links above.

I also compiled the baseline executables so that we can check to see if any graphics hardware is upset by my builds. - Anthony

2000.01.31 Monday

Having got our place here at SourgeForge and installed the secure SSH1 shell, we now have a web page. With any luck I will now be able to start checking stuff into the CVS server. - Anthony